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Living Green and Saving Money

Most of us would love to do more to protect our environment and add a touch of green living to our daily grind. I know a lot of us are a little intimidated by this notion, however, because organic and environmentally friendly products can be costly and efforts can prove to be time consuming. Here’s some easy ways you can incorporate green living into yours and your family’s routine and save money.

  • Your Thermostat – Heating and cooling your home or office uses a lot of energy. Try turning the thermostat up or down a couple of degrees from your normal hang spot. You probably won’t notice too much difference in the temperature and you’ll not only be saving energy but saving money!
  • Your DishwasherRunning your dishwasher essentially uses as much water as when you hand-wash, but you can save more water and energy by running your dishwasher only when it’s full and setting it to use cold water instead of hot (your dishes will still be sanitized after the dishwasher runs it’s “dry” cycle). There is also an easy way to make your own eco-friendly dish detergent by combining 1 part baking soda and 1 part borax. Then add white vinegar as a rinsing agent separately. Voila! Clean dishes in the same amount of time, and you went easier on your environment!
  • Your CarYou don’t have to rush out and buy a new Prius to keep your car green. Sure, hybrid cars are great and very eco-friendly, but keeping your current car in shape will prove to be very green as well! Change the tires before warranty expires and get regular tune-ups to make sure everything is working properly and your car isn’t emitting something it shouldn’t be or using too much energy due to a faulty mechanism. Down the road, when you are not having to call for a tow or rush out to buy a new car, your wallet will thank you too.
  • Your SelfPerhaps the easiest way to green-up your life and save money – get out of the house more! Go for walks with your family, take the dog to the park, go for a hike, lay out and look at the stars. What’s happening at your house when you’re gone? Nothing. Your lights are off, your water isn’t running, your TV isn’t blaring. Nothing = Green.

What are your easy tips for staying green? I would especially like to hear thoughts/recipes for green cleaning.