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The heat is setting in in Georgia. The sticky, smothering, soupy, wave of temperature assault. You haven’t truly experienced heat until you have experienced a southern Spring or Summer. Where you step outside and immediately lose some breathing capacity because the air is so thick with humidity. Everyday becomes a bad hair day as your hair retains more moisture than your entire body. You creatively try to get away with wearing as little as possible without getting charged with indecent exposure. And you stick like a slug to everything you touch.

The heat seems to effect us all on a deeper level as well. We all seem to have less patience for each other and are much quicker to lose our cool. Pun intended. I’ll bet if you check the crime and arrest rates at this time of year they are significantly higher. I’m also willing to bet there are more spousal disagreements, and we don’t have nearly as much patience for our children.

So, my fellow heat oppressed, it’s time to join together in our battle against mother nature. Be kind to your neighbor. Sip sweet tea on the front porch. Hide in your air conditioned home. Dive into your local swimming hole. Move as little as possible. And dream of fall.