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Addendum to “Heat!” Post

I started to think about the topic some more after posting “Heat!” , and we really are bullied by Mother Nature during this time of year. I’m sure our brothers and sisters in the North, East, and West have their struggles as well, but I can only attest to the trials and tribulations in the southern region which I call home.

Not only are we assaulted by the continuous and unforgiving heat, there are numerous other mini battles we wage daily as well. Let me tell you about them.

First, our world literally turns a solitary color – YELLOW. I speak of course of the pollen so graciously bestowed upon us by our surrounding greenery. Our cars take on a thick yellow coating of this stuff. It is tracked in every house by our shoes. It covers our front porches. It makes our eyes itch, our noses run, and our throats scratch. Rain is never so much wished for and prayed for as during this time. When the rain comes, it washes the powdery pollen off of our cars, and homes, and selves and instead sits in yellow, cloudy pools on our streets and driveways. Alas, we are covered in it again in a matter of hours.

Then there’s the insects. Ohhhhh, the insects. At any time of day on any given day you are met with an endless parade of mosquitoes, and ants, and bees, and ladybugs, and spiders. The majority of the just listed just WAITING IN ANTICIPATION of sinking their stingers and teeth into your supple human flesh. But, it’s okay right? You’ll just stay indoors as much as possible, cooled by your air conditioning and lemonade. WRONG. They follow you. Stalk you, if you will. They silently make their way into your home through any unnoticeable crack or draft, probably just trying to stay cool as well. Your floor corners become littered with creepy crawly creatures. Your counters and any spillage, a haven for ants. Your skin arms and legs boasting mosquito bites. And anyone coming to visit you, hears a crunch as they step on the beetles that have flown into your front door and knocked themselves out, creating a beetle bone-yard on your welcome mat. There is a fun side to all this bug infestation, however – lightening bugs. Maybe not so fun for the lightening bugs though..

Then there is the constant and demanding outside maintenance. Your grass seems to grow a foot an hour (I am greeted by the hum of lawn mowers every morning, it seems). I’m sure most husbands absolutely love this time of year. Not only does the grass demand your constant attention. Your bushes, though freshly trimmed, by morning will appear to have a bad case of bed-head.And your flower garden is infiltrated by massive troops of weeds.

I’m waving the white flag, oh brutal season.





The heat is setting in in Georgia. The sticky, smothering, soupy, wave of temperature assault. You haven’t truly experienced heat until you have experienced a southern Spring or Summer. Where you step outside and immediately lose some breathing capacity because the air is so thick with humidity. Everyday becomes a bad hair day as your hair retains more moisture than your entire body. You creatively try to get away with wearing as little as possible without getting charged with indecent exposure. And you stick like a slug to everything you touch.

The heat seems to effect us all on a deeper level as well. We all seem to have less patience for each other and are much quicker to lose our cool. Pun intended. I’ll bet if you check the crime and arrest rates at this time of year they are significantly higher. I’m also willing to bet there are more spousal disagreements, and we don’t have nearly as much patience for our children.

So, my fellow heat oppressed, it’s time to join together in our battle against mother nature. Be kind to your neighbor. Sip sweet tea on the front porch. Hide in your air conditioned home. Dive into your local swimming hole. Move as little as possible. And dream of fall.